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NFCThe National Football Conference, or NFC, is one of two divisions in America’s National Football League (NFL). While the other second division is the American Football Conference (AFC). Both divisions have 16 of the best professional football teams in the country, making up the 32-team NFL. Much like the AFC, the NFC is made up of four divisions within the conference. Historically, it is made up of the 13 original NFL clubs before the 1970 merger with the American Football League. Then, the other three clubs came in during a series of division expansions and realignments, giving us the 16 teams we have today.

The NFC championship has been dominated by younger teams over the years. They come in with strong offenses and great individual players, especially the quarterback. Currently, the 2018 reigning championship winners are the Los Angeles Rams. They beat the New Orleans Saints for their fourth NFC division win.

In this guide to the NFC and betting on NFC standings, we’ll be looking at best sports betting sites to place wagers on this division, the division and the teams in it, the season structure, it’s history, and betting trends over the years.

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What you’ll find in this NFC betting guide:

What is NFC?

As mentioned earlier, the NFC is one of the two major football divisions in the NFL. It’s made up of four divisions. They come from different states in the country, each roughly separated by region. Since 2002, they’ve been organized into:

Each geographical division has four teams which compete against each other during the regular football season.

Teams in the NFC

Much like teams in the AFC, each NFC team has set itself apart as a force to be reckoned with. Here are the teams by division.

East North South West
Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
Philadelphia Eagles Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Los Angeles Rams
New York Giants Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers
Washington Redskins Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers Seattle Seahawks

NFC team miami dolphins player

NFC Season Structure

The AFC and NFC football seasons works the same. It starts with the regular 16-game season which is scheduled the following way:

  • Each team plays against each other in their respective divisions twice – once home and once away. This makes up the regular National Football Conference season.
  • Then they play another 10 games which are scheduled by the NFL. The league assigns two of these games based off each team’s standing in last year’s season.
  • Once the season ends, the teams that are at the top of the NFC standings in each of their divisions, along with the two teams that have the highest season records, move onto the playoffs. Here they play in the Championship for the George S. Halas Trophy.
  • Finally, it’s the AFC vs NFC champions going head-to-head in football’s biggest event – the Super Bowl.

The National Football Conference’s History

The NFC was created during the great merger of 1970. This was when the NFL merged with its rival league, the American Football League (AFL). In order to balance the 10 AFL teams with the 16 NFL teams, all 10 former AFL teams plus three (the Browns, Steelers, and Colts) from the NFL made the AFC. On the other side, the remaining 13 NFL teams made up the NFC division. Then, in 1976, three more teams were added to it, giving us the division we have today.

Learn more about the American Football Conference:

NFC Betting

Taking into consideration the number of times a team has won the NFC Championship, then you could say the most successful team is the Dallas Cowboys, winning it 10 times. However, it’s been a while since they’ve won it so the odds against them are pretty high.

Lastly, let’s look at the Championship standings over the years.

Team No. of Championships Won Last Won
Dallas Cowboys 10 1995
San Francisco 49ers 6 2012
New York Giants 5 2011
Washington Redskins 5 1991
Los Angeles Rams 4 2018
Philadelphia Eagles 3 2017
Seattle Seahawks 3 2014
Green Bay Packers 3 2010
Minnesota Vikings 3 1976
Atlanta Falcons 2 2016
Chicago Bears 2 2006
Carolina Panthers 2 2015
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 2002
New Orleans Saints 1 2009
Arizona Cardinals 1 2008

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