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The American Football Conference, or AFC, is one of two divisions in the National Football League (NFL). Any team playing in the this conference is competing with the best of the best from their region. Currently, it is made up of 16 teams; likewise, the National Football Conference (NFC), making up the total 32 teams in the NFL. AFC logo

In’s guide on the AFC, we’ll be looking at the best sportsbooks for AFC bets, the division and its football teams, the way the season is structured, and the history of the Conference.

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What you’ll find in this guide to AFC betting:

AFC Divisions

In this section we’ll be looking at who is in the sub-divisions. There are four divisions within this football conference they each come from different regions across the country. Since 2002, they’ve been organized into:

In each of these AFC divisions, there are four football teams.

American Football Conference Teams

The teams currently in this division are well-known and are legends in their own right. Below is an AFC teams list divided into their respective divisions.

East North South West
Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders
New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Chargers

Conference football players tackling each other

Season Structure

So, how does the season structure for this Conference work? Well it first starts off with a 16-game regular season which is scheduled using a formula:

  • Each team in the division plays against the other teams in their respective division two times, home and away in the regular season.
  • Additionally, they’ll also play another 10 games which are scheduled by the NFL. The NFL assigns two of these games based off the team’s last season’s final standing in the division. This assignment changes every year, following a standard cycle. By doing it this way, non-divisional competition will be mainly among common opponents.
  • When the season ends, the winners from each of the four AFC divisions, along with the two teams with the highest regular season records, move onto the Conference playoffs – the AFC Championship Game – and play for the Lamar hunt Trophy.
  • Finally, the winner of the this championship then plays against the NFC champion (the other major division) in the Super Bowl.

The American Football Conference’s History

After the American Football League (AFL) merged with the NFL in 1970, the AFC division and NFC division were created. All 10 of the former AFL teams and three of the NFL teams back then were put together to form the AFC division. There were a series of league expansions and realignments happened since the merger in the 70s. These resulted in the creation of the 16 clubs in each conference we see today.

Learn more about the National Football Conference:

AFC Betting

If we were to look at the history of the AFC, the New England Patriots have been dominating the division, winning it 11 times. So, betting on them would make the most sense. They even won the 2018 title.

In terms of betting, let’s look at the division’s success over the years.

Team No. of Championships Won Last Won
New England Patriots 11 2018
Denver Broncos 8 2015
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 2010
Miami Dolphins 5 1984
Oakland Raiders 4 2002
Buffalo Bills 4 1993
Indianapolis Colts 3 2009
Baltimore Ravens 2 2012
Cincinnati Bengals 2 1988
Tennessee Titans 1 1999
Los Angeles Chargers 1 1994
New York Jets 0
Cleveland Browns 0
Jacksonville Jaguars 0
Kansas City Chiefs 0
Houston Texans 0

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