download-9Round Top, Texas, is a quaint little community of 93 people (really, in the entire town) that’s nestled between Houston and Austin on US 290 (Texas 237). The name ‘Round Top’ comes from the house of the postmaster that had a round tower, and the town is famous for its art scene, the pie at Royers Cafe, and its famous annual Antiques Fair.

Every summer, Round Top is actually the home of two more visitor-drawing programs. The town is host to many students that perform at the town’s Festival Hill music institute, and the Shakespeare at Winedale program, is a Shakespeare-in-Performance program organized by the English Department of the University of Texas at Austin, that offers visitors and locals phenomenal theatrical and symphonic performances. But the most famous event is the Antiques Fair.

So the town has 93 resident ….but watch out when the trailers move in ….

The Round Top Antiques Fair features over two thousand vendors that come in from across America, and every year in Spring and Fall, the town transforms from a small rural Texas 5906d76378acb7921932be1741852447town into a world-class market that’s spread over more than 20 miles.

The most recent Round Top 2016 Antique Week took place on September 26 through October 1, and the 2017 antiques Spring fair will kick off March 27 through April 1, 2017. There is also a smaller Winter Fair (January 26 and 27 2017), that’s held at the Big Red Barn only.

Organizers of the fair say that the event belongs to America’s largest antique shows, and Round Top newbies and veteran shoppers alike will flock the town several weeks each year. The town features three antique shows every year: the world-famous Antiques Fairs in Spring and Fall that take place in all four of the fair’s venues, and since recently also the Winter Antiques Show (in the Big Red Barn).

In Spring and Fall, When you’ll enter the Continental Tent, the Carmine Dance Hall, or the Big Red Barn, you can be part of one of the Biggest and Best Antique Shows America has to offer.

A great collection of Americana collectibles, memorabilia, and antiques are certainly at the heart of the activities in The Big Red Barn (30,000 square ft.), and what is important prices vary so people are able to afford it. also at the Big Red Barn Tent you can find a welcoming wide range of the finest very early Americana and Texas primitive collectibles, as well as Continental furniture and a lot of accessories.

In 2008, the Continental Tent was added to the show, featuring top-quality antiques from England, Italy, France, Spain, and several other European countries, from small to large, from country to formal.

If you are a lover of European furniture, this really should be your starting place. In nearby Carmine, not so far from Round Top’s Big Red Barn, you can find the fair’s beautiful but a little hidden gem, the Carmine Dance Hall, which has been involved in the Antiques Fair from almost its earliest day, some 49 years ago.

This is the place to have a great, award-winning, BBQ lunch, and porters are at hand to carry your purchases to your car, and for larger items, on-site shippers will take care of all handling. The Carmine Dance hall includes free parking, air-conditioned buildings, and visitors have the chance to enjoy a great and memorable experience while finding the exact treasures that they’ve been looking for so long. What also a great idea is visiting the State Fair of Texas, the largest state fair in the world.

The Round Top Antiques Fair is including 4 venues (except for the winter event), the Big Red Barn, the Big Red Barn Tent, the Historic Carmine Dance Hall, and the Original Continental Tent. This unique Round Top exhibition is known for putting authenticity and quality before all other things, In all of its venues, the organization maintains a strict authenticity policy and is respected for maintaining high scrutiny levels of antiques dealers who to guarantee the best antiques from the U.S. and abroad. In the Big Red Barn you can also find several vendors of vintage & re-purposed goods.