Marfa, Texas, Mystical Weekend

marfasigh_custom-c0bc83f53ec101f60a89c20c6669276a3a4b8789-s300-c85Marfa, Texas, is a quaint little town that counts some 2,000 residents. Over the past decade, the status of Marfa has reached almost mythical proportions because of an incredible influx of stores, art institutions, and quite a few Los Angelenos and New Yorkers who set up camp here as they were looking for a life somewhat simpler.

The town is situated in a vast desert setting, and the nearest town is almost 20 miles away, while the nearest major airport is over 200 away. Marfa is now one of the new subjects of modern life, and people return here awestruck from the starry nights and desert landscape, while they share great Instagram snap shots of them and Prada Marfa. It goes without saying that the small town of Marfa has amassed so much hype.


Lubbock, Texas-What You Need To Know

download-8Currently, almost 250,000 residents (2015) are calling Lubbock home, but a little over a century ago, in 890, when the two towns of Monterey and Old Lubbock joined forces to established Lubbock (named after Thomas S. Lubbock, only 50 citizens were inhabiting the new city, while in 1960, there were almost 130,000 people living in the city, while currently, Lubbock is the 11th most populous city in Texas.

Lubbock was established on a flourishing farming industry and was very successful as well in the Texas cotton industry. Contemporary Lubbock is still continuing to produce a few million bales of high quality cotton every year, but the town is known for a lot more than just a farming city.


Why I Like Texas And Texans

download-19My dad always taught me to ‘think like a Texan’. He used to say ‘I like Texas and Texans’. ‘In our beloved Texas, all things are bigger. When a Texan wins, he wins big. And when a Texan loses, he loses big’. ‘Do Texans like losing?” I asked my dad, and he replied ‘That is not what I say. No one likes to lose’. He said: ‘Show me happy losers, and I show you losers’.

That’s the Texan attitude toward taking risks. I’m talking about reward and failure, it’s all about how Texans handle life. They live and think big. So different from most people that live around here. When it comes to money, the people from here live like roaches, and are so afraid that somebody might see them, while the whimper if a grocery help will shortchange them a quarter’, my dad kept on talking. ‘That Texas attitude is what I like best about the Texans.’