download-1Texas, the Lone Star State, is the second-largest U.S. state. Texas is offering us the most beautiful landscapes, booming big cities, the finest restaurants, and several charming and friendly towns.

Texas is geographically highly diversified, and all regions have their own culture, characteristics, and economy.

If you travel through Texas you can see the Gulf of Mexico beaches. Houston’s skyscrapers, visit ‘Big D’, aka Dallas, check out if Austin is as weird as they say, or enjoy a bit of Mexican culture and class in San Antonio.If you’re only checking out Texas’ big cities, you’ll be missing so much of the real things that make Texas what it is.

There are numerous small cities that are laden with historical sights, so if you set out for El Paso, don’t forget to check out placed like Alpine, Terlingua, or Marfa. In case you really need to go to Oklahoma, don’t forget to visit Seymour while you’re in the area. There are so many quaint and interesting towns around in Texas, and here we highlight a few very pretty ones, Hunt, Marfa, and Salado.

Hunt is situated where the south and the north fork of the Guadalupe River are meeting and the area (including Ingram and Kerrville) is famous for the great number of festivals that are hosted there. The town is extraordinary pretty and is surrounded by rugged limestone and impressive trees.

The Texas Hill Country area has always attracted many visitors because of its stunning scenic drives, and the town of Hunt is in the midst of it all. The region’s beautiful drives have been commented on by thousands of residents and visitors.

Hunt is located right in the center of this beautiful region, the Texas Hill Country, which is actually a grouping of beautiful limestone hills located in the central-south portions of Texas.

Hunt’s surroundings boast numerous lakes, several rivers, all in a beautiful, rolling hills, setting. As the the South and the North forks of the Guadalupe river converge here, a natural scenery of unparalleled beauty was created here which is great for the best of outdoor recreation.

There are many camp sites and rental homes along the Guadalupe river, and you can check out the Kerr Wildlife Management Area. The small historic town boasts also several resorts, and you can visit Crider’s Rodeo and Dance Hall to enjoy cowboys acts and rodeos during summer.

Marfa is a small town in West Texas, probably best known for the famous ‘Marfa Lights’, an unexplained light display at night that’s been documented since the 1880’s. The town is the Presidio County seat, located at the US Highway 67 and 90 junction.

Marfa was founded in 1883 as a freight headquarters and water stop for the San Antonio Railway. The town has always attracted creative and free spirits. Marfa lays on a highland plain (the Marfa Plateau) sort of protected by the Davis Mountain in the north, the Chios Mountains to the southeast, and the Chinati Mountains to the southwest.

The tiny town offers several interesting museums, some great wineries, and a great number of the finest art galleries. Marfa is home to the ‘Cowboy Hall of Fame’ and is located within the Big Bend National Park, where you can marvel at more than 60 species of cactus.

Marfa was not only known for the mystery ghost lights in the area. The town was also the  location for the film ‘Giant’, the final picture of James Dean that also stars Liz Taylor, Rock Hudson, and Dennis Hopper. During the making of the film, the beautiful and classic Hotel Paisano was at the center of all activities.

In the early 1970’s, reown New York City artist Donald Judd moved to Marfa, which made the town even more famous. Marfa offers also great soaring conditions (it was host to the 1970 World Soaring Championship), and the thing you should not miss out on is the famous viewing station east of Marfa where you have the chance to study the never-solved mystery of the famous Marfa Ghosts Lights that are dancing across the Chinati Mountains foothills.

The lights were already seen by the area’s early settlers and until today, the lights are continuing to puzzle passersby and travelers. The Marfa Lights are an essential part of the continuing magic and enigma that is MARFA

Salado, a tiny village in the central portions of Bell County, is also named the ‘Best Art Town in Texas.’ The town is home to Texas’ oldest still operating hotel, the Stagecoach Inn, which used to be a stop on the old Chisholm Trail, Salado is beautiful and historically interesting with almost 20 listings in the U.S. National Register of Historical Places.

The town is boast a large number of many bed and breakfasts, and Main Street is full of cozy cafes, charming shops, and fine restaurants. You can take a ride in an open carriage, check out one of the many galleries and wineries, go to the town’s Civic Center, or visit a sculpture garden.

Salado is full of myriad art, and has numerous clothing, book, furniture, or candy shops, and is famous for its annual Christmas Stroll.

The village of Salado was established in 1859, at the same time Salado College was founded. Many Bell County residents wanted to establish a great school and it wasn’t long before Salado became a thriving settlement.

Salado became an agricultural and industrial important center, and by 1884, Salado boasted of 2 hotels, 7 churches, 2 blacksmiths, 3 cotton gins, and 14 stores, but when the railroads were completed to the east and north of Salado, new towns drew most and more trade and Salado’s dwindled to only 200 by the 1950’s.

Since those days, though, Salado has slowly but steadily grown into the highly pleasant place to work and live it is today. These days, Salado counts some 130 businesses of many sorts, which adds to this small village’s phenomenal charm.